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I have always felt this, ever since hearing my first boss complain that there is no reason to get 'involved in any of this anti-terror stuff'.
Why is it that our (USA + UK) worst enemies, are our own population?

Why is it that people must assume before knowing all the facts?

why do people really believe they know more about what is going on in Iraq better than the American and British Intelligence services combined?
Please correct me if i am wrong, but how many satellites do you have in orbit of the world at this moment in time?

The same thing can also be said for the recent stuff with spyed and jark. I'll admit at first i was furious about the situation. 'How can a creator of a business be turned out on his ass by someone else?'. But, like everything in life, until you know the full story, do not start making your accusations.

Which leads me to this letter i found in visua's Journal. And to me it summed up exactly what most of our population seems to ignore. Somehow, even after multiple bombings and terrorist attacks on Western lives, many people still oppose to our governments trying to actively do something to resolve the situation. Im no expert, but i dont think diplomacy works to the cowardly scum who are willing to kill women, children or any innocent life, just because they were told it is the right thing to do.

So this is a plea to Every UK and US citizen that currently has no faith in its leaders.. Wake up.

Here is the letter:

This "Letter of Apology" was written by Lieutenant General Chuck Pitman, US Marine Corps, Retired:

"For good and ill, the Iraqi prisoner abuse mess will remain an issue. On
the one hand, right thinking Americans will abhor the stupidity of the
actions while on the other hand, political glee will take control and fashion this minor event into some modern day massacre.

I humbly offer my opinion here:

I am sorry that the last seven times we Americans took up arms and
sacrificed the blood of our youth, it was in the defense of Muslims (Bosnia, Kosovo, Gulf War 1, Kuwait, etc.).

I am sorry that no such call for an apology upon the extremists came after
9/11. I am sorry that all of the murderers on 9/11 were Islamic Arabs.

I am sorry that most Arabs and Muslims have to live in squalor under savage
dictatorships. I am sorry that their leaders squander their wealth.

I am sorry that their governments breed hate for the US in their religious
schools, mosques, and government-controlled media.

I am sorry that Yassar Arafat was kicked out of every Arab country and high-jacked the Palestinian "cause." I am sorry that no other Arab country will take in or offer more than a token amount of financial help to those same Palestinians.

I am sorry that the USA has to step in and be the biggest financial supporter of poverty stricken Arabs while the insanely wealthy Arabs blame the USA for all their problems.

I am sorry that our own left wing, our media, and our own brainwashed
masses do not understand any of this (from the misleading vocal elements of our society like radical professors, CNN and the NY TIMES).

I am sorry the United Nations scammed the poor people of Iraq out of the
"food for oil" money so they could get rich while the common folk suffered.

I am sorry that some Arab governments pay the families of homicide bombers upon their death. I am sorry that those same bombers are brainwashed thinking they will receive 72 virgins in "paradise."

I am sorry that the homicide bombers think pregnant women, babies,
children, the elderly and other noncombatant civilians are legitimate targets.

I am sorry that our troops die to free more Arabs from the gang rape rooms
and the filling of mass graves of dissidents of their own making.

I am sorry that Muslim extremists have killed more Arabs than any other

I am sorry that foreign trained terrorists are trying to seize control of Iraq and return it to a terrorist state.

I am sorry we don't drop a few dozen Daisy cutters on Fallujah.

I am sorry every time terrorists hide they find a convenient "Holy Site."

I am sorry they didn't apologize for driving a jet into the World Trade Center that collapsed and severely damaged Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - one of our Holy Sites.

I am sorry they didn't apologize for flight 93 and 175, the USS Cole, the
embassy bombings, the murders and beheadings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, etc....etc!

I am sorry Michael Moore is American; he could feed a medium sized village
in Africa.

America will get past this latest absurdity. We will punish those responsible because that is what we do.

We hang out our dirty laundry for the entire world to see. We move on. That's one of the reasons we are hated so much. We don't hide this stuff
like all those Arab countries that are now demanding an apology.

Deep down inside, when most Americans saw this reported in the news, we
were like - so what? We lost hundreds and made fun of a few prisoners. Sure, it was wrong, sure, it dramatically hurts our cause, but until captured we were trying to kill these same prisoners. Now we're supposed to wring our hands because a few were humiliated?

Our compassion is tempered with the vivid memories of our own people
killed, mutilated and burnt amongst a joyous crowd of celebrating Fallujahans.

If you want an apology from this American, you're going to have a long

You have a better chance of finding those seventy-two virgins.

Chuck Pitman Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret)
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Parad1gm Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
Amen... :thumbsup:
bobmarleyfan13 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2005
hey guys been awhile since ive been on. personallymy beliefs about all this shit goin on is that there is gonna have to be a major uprising or civil war to stop this non sense only problem with all of this is that to many people are blinded by the media that suffacts this earth it hurts. me being 16 i realize it and there are people 30 40 years old that are to comfortable with the way things are being runned. so it will take awhile to realize that the gov. is full af bullshit.

reuben aka savier {save yours}
anothercynic Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2005
And so that's ok? We shouldn't question because a retired US lt general wrote a sarcastic apology letter?

There is a difference between disregarding governments and questioning them. The idea that people have a say in policy is what democracy is about. But the UK has been cynical and sardonic for generations - that it now doesn't trust it's politicians isn't a fault of the people, but of the politicians who betrayed the trust, shurely?

I know that's simplified. But then, simplification isn't exactly an alien concept to your pal Chuck Pitman. After all, he glossed over the fact that the "foreign trained terrorists" were originally trained by the USA for a few guerilla attacks against those nasty Soviet invaders. But when the Soviets left Afghanistan and the Middle East in general, the US decided to move in. And shock horror - those barbarious 'terrorists' kept on doing what they'd been trained to do - clearing invaders out of their homeland.

Comments like "I am sorry we don't drop a few dozen Daisy cutters on Fallujah" make me wonder about this man's suitability for combat.

I am sorry that the homicide bombers think pregnant women, babies, children, the elderly and other noncombatant civilians are legitimate targets. Now which other army does that remind us of? I'm sorry, I'm getting pissed off now. This apology letter is just embarrassing.

Note that the cause of the Palestinians is in inverted commas. Despite the vague implication that the US is a huge supporter of PLA, and the backbiting about territory, the US is in fact an enormous and vocal supporter of Israel and the various policies therein. No worries about the fact that the UK just gave the Zionists Palestine without the inhabitants' (subsequently kicked out) permission, back in the 50s. The Palestinians don't want third rate land in someone else's country. They actually want their homes back.

Deep down inside, when most Americans saw this reported in the news, we were like - so what? I'll have to take Chuck's word for this - I must only know Americans in the minority who feel that this isn't a good thing. Us craaaaazy liberals are just an embarrassing and outspoken (dare I say 'radical') few who jeopardise the vast amount of good upstanding citizens who have unshakeable faith in their leaders, am I right? Well, I'm sorry.
Robert-Scott-Pfau Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
Whops, sorry, the note from the pilots group was from me. My bad, I was submitting work and forgot to sign out.
tibro Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2005   Digital Artist
its not my letter.. so feel free to use it
Pilots Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
That was very stirring. Thank you for posting it. I hope you dont mind, but I'd like to copy that letter and maybe paste it on to my page as well.
zyclone Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2005
And I thought I was the only person who supported the current administrationf ro their stand against tyranny. But maybe I just spend too long on dA forums!
tibro Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005   Digital Artist
oh im not supporting the current admins in anyway.. my heart is with jark until i hear otherwise.. i'm just not going to do anything about it until i know whats going on ;)
zyclone Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
I'm supporting the current administration in their running of the site. I'm appalled if the evidence we have heard is all there is, and its corect. I'm with jark and I can't believe he's gone, but I'm not actively against the current administration.
BPauba Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005
Is there any chance I can copy this letter into my journal?

thank you for bringing this letter to peoples attention. It sickens me to sit in my World History class and listen to random kids talk against our political leaders when they seem to forget ALL of these incidents and facts.
tibro Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005   Digital Artist
be my guest :) share it around
vissroid Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005
thank you

its nice to see there is actually more than two or three peole that may have an idea on what the prob is about and why we're doin what we're doin

it almost seems that alot of these people around this country need a fam' member killed by those guys before they understand what our contry is tryin to prevent(which is a very sad thing)
Armarant Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005
LOL nice.
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